Asset management consulting expertise combined with a digital solution

We are committed to helping you reach your asset management goals by working with you and sharing our knowledge, every step of the way.

We, at APLINES, understand that every project has unique requirements and challenges.

Our team will work with you side-by-side and provide Asset Management Consulting services throughout the implementation of our solution.

A dedicated Project Manager and his supporting team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, define the project scope towards your asset management goals, assist you in the implementation of our methodology within the context of your enterprise, and organize the collection and structuring of data from your legacy systems.

To ensure the success of each aspect of the implementation, the Project Manager will organize workshops with the key stakeholders and provide a project plan that outlines all major milestones and supporting tasks leading up to the official go-live date. The Project Manager will conduct regular project status meetings to review progress on all open action items as well as scope changes in order to keep the project on track to meet the target and set the stage for a successful completion.

Implementation Process
Project Definition

Together we identify your specific goals and requirements for the project and allocate required resources.

Project Scope and Localisation

We identify and agree on the overall scope of your project, including a strategy for determining risk attributes for the assets in scope, and define deliverables.

Data Mapping and Exchange

To ensure a seamless implementation of data flow processes between your current systems and APLINES’ system, we map data sources and configure your APLINES user environment according to your organization’s specifications.

Data Audit and Integration

Your data is being integrated into the APLINES software system after data quality has been carefully evaluated and possible data gaps have been jointly addressed.

Risk Attributes Calculation and Delivery
Asset health, criticality and risk attributes are calculated and published on our visualisation interface.
User Testing and Validation

A user acceptance testing and feedback session is carried out to ensure all previous steps have been completed thoroughly. When all project deliverables are covered, the implementation is signed off as complete and user trainings take place.


Our consulting and services team is available to work with you long term and to help you to continue meeting your organisations’ asset management goals.

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