Manage vegetation risk

Our application combines satellite data analytics, cloud technology, and asset management models to reduce power outages and improve network reliability and safety.

We compute vegetation imagery and conductor data with remote sensing technologies to visualize network impact and help create optimal vegetation clearance plans.

Visualize network impact

Our powerful map displays spans with individual risk levels and vegetation threats for you to see the best view of the vegetation canopy threatening your overhead conductors. Measure level of threat according to vegetation density and the distance between the vegetation and the line. 

Estimate monetized consequences of failure

Analyze the probability and consequences of failure, even with a minimal data set. Visualize risk in real-time for easier decision-making and make long-term investment plans.

Manage external risks

Use remote sensing technologies to visualize and quantify the threat on overhead lines due to vegetation. Integrate the results into your overall risk model and prioritize your vegetation clearance programs.

Faster and better decisions

Use analytics to justify precise budgets to present to regulators or deciding authorities. Get recommendations to better manage clearance projects and budgets. Aptimize has the best vegetation risk assessment solution for any budget.

How it works

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