Risk assessment of DER impact on the grid

The electric grid is not designed to handle the intermittent and distributed load coming from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This can result in the accelerated deterioration of grid assets, leading to a deterioration of key performance indicators such as NDE, SAIFI and SAIDI. During the tariff period, this engenders significant budget readjustments and/or reduction of quality of service.

Aptimize measures the impact of DERs including electric vehicle charging points, wind farms, solar farms, large-scale energy storage, and large-scale heat pumps.

This lets you assess the health profile of assets, their technical lifetime, and probability of failure over time. The solution considers overload and harmonic distortions on the asset duty factor.

Aptimize helps you create a model that considers the impact of DERs on the asset health across all grid asset categories. The deliverables will be available for utilities who wish to augment their current risk modelling strategy.

You can then deploy the model on a distribution network to simulate the consequences in terms of monetized risk and evaluate incremental expenditures that must be considered to maintain the quality of service over the tariff period.

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