Asset performance management software for Grid

Part of EcoStruxure

Assess risk and prioritize maintenance actions for more timely and informed decision-making to maximize the lifecycle of assets.

Discover EcoStruxure Grid Asset Advisor

Maximize the asset lifecycle

EcoStruxure Grid Asset Advisor is an asset performance management (APM) solution that gathers and analyzes asset data from IoT devices, IT, and OT systems, to help grid operators better understand where and what maintenance actions are needed to avoid outages, save costs and maximize crew resources.

Features of EcoStruxure Grid Asset Advisor

Data driven

Aggregate data from various sources, including operational, technical, financial and geospatial, for automatic calculation of asset health, condition monitoring, and risk assessment.

Clearer intelligence

Generate crystal-clear reports and matrices that help prioritize asset maintenance, optimize processes and provide insights for better operational and financial decisions for both short and long term. Align financial and operational objectives for compliance and get advanced analysis and exceptional visibility into health with the Asset Intelligence Library.


Contextualized analysis of asset conditions and risk, taking into consideration the reality of your active grid topology.

Simple integration

Efficiently manage assets with native EcoStruxure ADMS and EcoStruxure ArcFM integration, as well as out-of-the-box integration for other Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Grid solutions and third-party software and hardware components. Centralize management of critical assets and achieve compliance with IoT sensors’ deployment strategy, covering assets with and without sensors.