Master Asset Management for electric utilities

AptimizeTM is the SaaS-based digital transformation platform for electric utilities.

You can optimize your maintenance and investment plans and integrate your most important use cases.

Manage risks beyond the asset. Understand the likelihood and financial impact of failures. Evaluate financial costs of non-delivered energy, repairs, environmental and safety impacts. Plan programs. Prioritize fieldwork.

All integrating information both from your own siloed systems and external risk data.

Optimize SAIDI & SAIFI

Decrease O&M costs

Forecast all asset threats

Be ISO 55000 ready

Customize extensively

Get precise action plans


Vegetation risks

Complex assets

What makes APTIMIZE powerful

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Decision advantage across your organization

Bring intelligence to the core
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Full stack interoperability

Automatically connects with and enhances your data systems

Multi-layered security and data privacy

Our approach to security enables collaboration with peace of mind