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The main issue facing distribution system operators today is a combination of ageing assets and tight budgets.  To continue to provide optimal service while meeting regulatory requirements, companies need to be able to make informed, data-driven investment decisions. 

Taking into account all aspects of innovative asset management significantly reduces the cost of assets over their life cycle: Investment and maintenance costs, operating costs, outage costs and disposal costs.

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Aptimize generates maintenance scenarios for your entire asset portfolio. Multidimensional analysis helps you to accurately predict and plan for future investments.

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Shift to risk-based asset management to enable strategic allocation of resources, optimize cost control and increase ROI.

Plan strategic maintenance and ensure investment efficiency thanks to a comprehensive overview of asset health, criticality and risks. 


Gain insights into asset health that help you improve the efficiency of management programs according to risk profiles and locations.


Aptimize provides insights into asset condition and impact on performance and allows for future risk projections – including vegetation risk.

Aptimize calculates failure probability and ranks assets according to their risk profile. Through API connections, Aptimize allows seemless integration and visualization in your legacy GIS.

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to visualize your assets
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Aptimize is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that enables effective collaboration throughout your organization and scales to your needs. 

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